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Capturing  Fabulous photos takes planning. I like to consult before our photo shoot so we can discuss your ideas , clothing choices and location options.

Hear are a few suggestions to consider before your shoot…

CLOTHING – SOLID COLORS  tend to look best ( this is more of a suggestion than a hard and fast rule ) Solid colors tend to be less distracting.

ACCESSORIES  - these  are the things that personalize your  photo shoot. This includes , JEWELRY, SHOES & BOOTS, HATS, SCARVES, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, PETS, FLOWERS, cool antiques,  balloons and whatever else you can dream up! Adding these items will give your photo  a LIFESTYLE LOOK!

LOCATION – Are you interested in STUDIO or LOCATION? Maybe both? There are many places I LOVE to shoot starting with  MY STUDIO/ GARDEN, WINERIES,  URBAN SETTINGS,  BEACHES , BARNS  and   SONOMA COUNRY SIDES to name a few.